Here’s where you can see what has changed between each version of EmSafe.

22 August 2022

Latest Release

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed an issue where user wasn’t able to get past the onboarding stage of the app.

19 August 2022

Version 1.0.4

Added Ukrainian as a language!

  • We worked with the Ukrainian Community of Queensland to translate EmSafe into Ukrainian, making it accessible to millions of marginalised individuals

Other updates include bug fixes & updated information

29 July 2022

Version 1.0.3

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved the hospital finder to make sure only actual hospitals are shown

18 July 2022

Version 1.0.2

Last release was pushed too quickly! Bug fixes and improved location services.

17 July 2022

Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes, updated information, and an improved onboarding experience.

13 July 2022

Initial Release

Version 1.0

Hey! This is the initial release of EmSafe! Take a look at some of the features below. Thank you all for your support :)


  • Automatically updating user location.
  • Directions to nearby hospitals.
  • Updating emergency numbers.
  • International support.
  • CPR Guide.